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Hot off the Press: The Place

Published 09/13/2012 12:00 AM
Updated 09/20/2012 02:23 PM

By Jessica Smith


This place, which happens to be called The Place, is truly an unusual restaurant. Dine inside or outside? Not here! Patrons dine from April through October as though they are in their own backyard.

On a summer night, you'll dine right next to the kitchen comprised of a 20-some-odd foot long cinderblock grill. It gets so hot the staff wears welder's gloves, so look but don't touch. In case of rain or too much sun, look for seats under the red and white circus tent. And at night, the eatery is illuminated with hanging lights.

Dinner fare is the same ol' seafare you could get there 40 years ago when the Knowles brothers opened—roasted clams, roasted corn, steamed shrimp, steamers, and lobsters—and it's not changing. If it's not on the menu, bring your own (that includes beer).

Call it primitive, but your seat is a tree stump, many of which bear the John Hancock of dedicated patrons. Freshly cut flowers from the Knowles's garden grace the dinner tables.


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