Enjoy a post-meal purr at Lazy Leopard Thai Cafe

From its funky name to its friendly Facebook page, the Lazy Leopard Thai makes it very easy to try something new in New London.

From the Whaler Cafe: Savor the flavors of fall

As we get ready for our Thanksgiving holiday I would like to share with you some of my favorite holiday recipes.

Holiday wine recommendations from local wine makers and merchants

Holiday wine recommendations from local wine makers and merchants.

Cultural historian traces history of baby food

Where did baby food come from and where has it been?





Consider a not-so-Black Friday

Now that the big boxes and national brands have admitted what many of us surmised — that the best bargains aren’t really offered on the Friday after Thanksgiving —we can breathe a collective sigh of relief and actually have some...

Chickadees lead winter's parade to feeders

When the leaves have all fallen and the days get really cold, it is time for the black-capped chickadees to take charge.