Gather at the Public House for a foodie feast

Editor's note: This version adds the reviewer's byline. One might not expect to find a good French 75 cocktail at your basic public house, but Old Lyme’s latest addition to the local tavern universe is anything but basic. Yes, the bar area is an...

Intimate dining at Bon Voi in Chester

On first impression, Bon Voi, which opened earlier this year in Chester, feels as much like a hidden tree-house club from childhood as it does a restaurant.

New London's character, and its catch, on full display at Captain Scott's

Some people do it up with ice buckets, fancy glasses and tablecloths while others just pull a couple of cans from a cooler.

Three James brothers operate a welcome new restaurant on New London’s Pequot Ave.

You see, there’s a really good little restaurant on Pequot in New London called the James Brothers’ Claw & Rib.

Comforts and a cuppa at the Steaming Kettle

There’s something enticing about a café called The Steaming Kettle. Tucked on the upper half of State Street in New London, this little lunchtime oasis offers the weary pedestrian some peace, quiet and simple but well-crafted eats.




New Horizons approaches Pluto July 14

Pluto was in its final months as an official planet when NASA launched its New Horizons spacecraft on Jan. 19, 2006.