Corner Thai Café: Unassuming location, savory food

The gang dang with shrimp was loaded with tender bamboo shoots and featured several sizes of shrimp, all floating in a decadently creamy, coconut, red curry broth

Of wings, pies and a great hometown feel

You know when you've walked by an old stand-by eatery and made a mental note to pop in and give it a try? I'd written a mental note or two to try out Wings 'n' Pies in New London - particularly after it moved onto State Street - but it took my visiting husband to finally get me in the door.

Restaurant favorites done well at Filomena’s

This is the type of restaurant that feels familiar even on first visit.




Lakota man finds common ground across cultures

Growing up on an Indian reservation in South Dakota, Travis Harden never expected his views on Native people, lands and culture would find a receptive audience in the Holy Land.

Mrs. Mitchell’s recipes for citizenship

“Men string a telephone wire through the jungles, send messages over it — sometimes very foolish messages — and call that civilization.”