Kelley’s dishes out hearty fare with a touch of blarney

I was driving through Westerly recently when I spotted the sign for Kelley’s Deli.

Go hog wild at the terrific When Pigs Fly Café

Research into the psychology of decision-making has shown that the more options we have, the more indecisive we become. This phenomenon should come as little surprise to anyone who's had the pleasure of reading a breakfast or lunch menu here.

Plenty to enjoy at Goode & Moore Delicatessen

The customer feels more or less as though he or she is visiting an old friend’s kitchen to borrow a cup of sugar and ends up staying for a while just because it’s comfortable.




Chickadees lead winter's parade to feeders

When the leaves have all fallen and the days get really cold, it is time for the black-capped chickadees to take charge.

Treasure hunting on Raymond Hill Road

Capt. William Kidd was either one of history’s most notorious pirates or a tragically misunderstood privateer.