Reliving the migration that helped settle America’s West

The “lunatic notion” to attempt a 21st-century journey in a mule-drawn covered wagon along the historic Oregon Trail may have been embedded in Rinker Buck’s DNA.

‘Urinetown’ creators develop zombie musical at the O’Neill

Greg Kotis and Mark Hollman’s stage collaborations certainly haven’t trafficked in mundane ideas or stock music-theater material.

Meghan Trainor's July 4 concert at Mohegan Sun postponed

Fans can retain their current tickets for the new date to be announced or may seek refunds at their original point of purchase, according to concert organizers.

Deadheads get a new way to add Garcia to their social media

Deadheads looking to add a little more Jerry Garcia to their lives can now incorporate the late Grateful Dead guitarist into their social media with the video storytelling platform Magisto.

Rob Ruggiero helms Goodspeed’s 'La Cage aux Folles'

Goodspeed audiences know director Rob Ruggiero for his sublime Opera House productions of some of the more serious and deeper works in the music-theater canon.




New Horizons approaches Pluto July 14

Pluto was in its final months as an official planet when NASA launched its New Horizons spacecraft on Jan. 19, 2006.

Enthralled by the wood thrush

There is a place where cool streams flow and the sweet scent of ferns is strong. It is in precisely such tranquil places that the unobtrusive wood thrush retreats from human commotion.