Inching toward a plant-based, whole grain life.

Life's a carnival, and so is this squash

In case you haven’t met, I’d like to introduce you to the carnival squash. 

Cabbage can be so much more than slaw

With so many wonderful fruits and vegetables at their peak, it's a wonderful time to be hungry.

Tuna salad takes on flavors of hot, spicy or sweet additions

You can add a host of very bold ingredients to create a salad that packs a mighty delicious punch, a salad that doesn't need any bread but can be eaten by the bowl-full.

An ode to broccoli salad and its mighty crunch

Say what you will about the policies of our 41st president, George Herbert Walker Bush, but there’s one thing we all can agree on. 

My mom's American Chop Suey is comfort in a bowl

My mom’s culinary palate would never have been described as expensive or sophisticated. 

A delicious turkey meatloaf requires a bit of innovation

The very reason we want to use ground turkey — its lower fat content — is what makes it difficult to simply substitute for beef.

Time for summer salads

OK, now it’s really happening. We’ve had a couple of warm days. My toenails are painted orange and I’ve given up wearing socks. It’s salad time. 

Pie, pie, me oh my, how I like pie

Did you ever notice how the names of many common fruits have double meanings? As in, I was feeling just peachy the other day until I saw group of young ruffians bounce a ball off the melon of the apple of my eye, then throw a raspberry his way as if...

Slow-cooker pot roast, when only meat will do

It’s ridiculous to say, but the biggest obstacle in my quest to eat more healthy foods that have a lower impact on the planet is my love of meat. Big hunks of red meat, in particular.

Eggy little pancakes make a delicious, nostalgic breakfast

Back when we first met, my husband lived in a second-floor apartment on Route 1 in Rockland, Maine, above what was then the hardware store. 

Celebrate spring with cheap asparagus

Birds are singing, daffodils are blooming, and asparagus is on sale – it must be spring.This recipe came to me by way of Pinterest and a favorite food blog, "

Even without fresh rosemay, one last slow-cooker recipe warms up the cool spring

I have rosemary envy.My friend Myrna has a rosemary that she plants outside in her Maine backyard every summer then brings inside in the fall to winter over. This thing is huge, more of shrub than a...

Onion pizza relies on mustard for tangy zip

On St. Patrick's Day this year, my good friend Richard cooked my lunch, Corned Beef and Cabbage Pizza.It sounds crazy, I know, but it was delicious. He used a layer of mustard as his sauce, which he...

Old school sweet-and-sour has never been so good

Editor's note: In the print addition of this blog, several sauce ingredients were omitted. The have been added in bold below: I started my...

Once you go steel-cut, you'll never go back

I think it was from Martha Stewart that I first heard of steel-cut oats, a new — or more accurately, very old — form of oatmeal. She touted it as a better, more flavorful way to enjoy your...

Secret of tasty slow-cooker meals is doing the prep

I've always loved the idea of a slow cooker, but the reality often leaves much to be desired. Although I have tried many slow cooker recipes, I usually reject them once I've tasted the result.But I...

A little roasting, a bit of spice: Tips from a new butternut squash fan

I never was a big fan of butternut squash. Growing up, my mother always boiled it then seasoned it with nutmeg. I just didn’t...

There's just no dumpling like the apple dumpling

Say what you will about apple crisp, apple pie, apple cobbler and apple brown Betty, there's nothing that makes my heart sing in the fall so much as a fresh, steamy apple dumpling.When I was a kid, my...

Start the day in a savory way

If I could, I would eat a doughnut every day for breakfast. Or coffeecake. Or pancakes with maple syrup. Or Pop Tarts or a cinnamon roll.Even if I set aside for a moment my goal of eating fewer...