Approve Stonington school renovations on Tuesday

Doing nothing is not an option. If voters were to reject this proposal, the schools would need substantial renovations until officials could produce a new plan for voters.

Congress playing a risky game with Iran talks

The bill approved unanimously Tuesday by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is ill-timed and could make an agreement less likely, which is the motive of at least some of the bill’s...

Change in property tax policy would help New London

For too long the state has done too little to assist cities that have a large percentage of tax-exempt properties

In New London, Passero engages debate with Mayor Finizio

Michael Passero has drawn some clear distinctions between his approach and that of the incumbent mayor.

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Rebuild America’s unions to restore its middle class

In earlier decades, when wages rose in tandem with economic growth, it was largely because the labor movement was robust enough to help people get into — and stay in — the middle class.

Fears of GMOs not grounded in science

The Internet is full of false information. It is said Monsanto sues small farmers for GE crops ending up in their non-GE fields. Another myth is that organic farmers are losing their certification from GE crops “contaminating” their...


Mayor Finizio comes lately to New London's Ft. Trumbull development effort

I was not living here at the time of the Eminent Domain decision, but since then I have heard varying takes on the case. Susette Kelo's house was not her primary residence so she wasn't rendered homeless. The neighborhood was a pristine suburb where...

Progressive not thrilled with Democratic field of one -- Hillary Clinton

We’re now starting to learn who will be running for President in 2016. Republicans have an extraordinary number of people with wildly divergent opinions on how a President should govern. Future debates will sort out the final Republican...

Don't play politics with workplace pay

Equal pay is not a political issue. Whether one group of employees is paid equal to another group of employees is an individual issue. The position I am putting forward in this letter is based on my thirty-five years of experience in Human Resources...

Pro-Iran deal piece ignored some facts

I believe Scott Bates' op-ed, “Stonington-based foreign policy expert backs Iran deal,” (April 12), demonstrates that he is missing the following:

Bates ignores reality of evil Iranian motives

Scott Bates argues, “Stonington-based foreign policy expert backs Iran deal,” (April 12); that President Obama's deal with Iran is a good deal. Considering what Scott does not mention, the correct conclusion is that Scott is an Iranian...

Bates wrong backing bad deal with Iran

Scott Bates’ op-ed, “Stonington-based foreign policy expert backs Iran deal,” (April 12), is sanguine about our nuclear negotiations with Iran. I wish I could agree with him. Allowing Iran to keep its infrastructure intact means...

Oppose budget cuts to East Lyme schools

Another year same old story when it comes to funding schools in East Lyme. Recently the Board of Finance cut $450,000 out of an already bare bones budget proposal. As concerning as the reductions are more concerning are comments made by board...

Media distorts role of Religious Freedom Act

Religious Freedom Restoration Act is a law to protect civil liberties. These laws are allowing private businesses to maintain the private right of refusal to be involved with certain activities. I found out that this law, actually called Federal...

Cartoon was right Bush policy bred ISIS

The author of a letter criticizing The Day for printing a particular cartoon by Mike Luckovich is leaving out a few fundamental facts, “Recent political cartoon went way too far,“(April 5). It is true, ISIS was founded in 1999, before...

Cutting gun salute boils her blood

Gov. Malloy, you must live up to your promise, "Nothing will change." You did not misspeak, you outright lied. How dare you take away the final three volley salute and taps at our veterans’ funerals? It's as if you put a knife through the...

Hiring more police not justified in Montville

About a year ago the Montville Town Council set up an ad-hoc Law Enforcement Feasibility committee to cost justify how Montville could save money by having its own police department. To date no report has been provided showing the proposed savings.

Support public policies protecting retirement savings

Bad financial advice is wrong, close the loophole. As a retiree, I want to make sure that my investments are sound and will be there for my future



Small state savings will have a big negative impact on libraries

Going after funding for libraries is an odd place to start when balancing a state budget.

Queen Hillary travels by van, eats fastfood, but still political royalty

She doesn’t just get media coverage; she gets meta-coverage. The staging is so obvious that actual events disappear. The story is their symbolism — campaign as semiotics.

Clinton has many blanks to fill in

Hillary Clinton promises to be a champion for the middle class, but what will she champion?


Presidential election unlike any since Civil War

The campaign for president will play out over the next two years, but anyone paying attention should know already what this is about and which party to choose.

Taxation fraudsters now control Congress

Public should be angry about GOP plan to accelerate transfer of wealth to rich Americans.