18th Senate dilemma

A unique situation in the 18th Senatorial District.

Linares, in the 33rd Senate District

Another 3-way race in the 33rd Senatorial District.

Tim Bowles in 42nd

Record of accomplishment, interesting policy ideas, gives nod to Bowles.

Ryan again in 139th

Experience over lack of exuberance in 139th.

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Voting may be serious, but the candidates aren't

Politics have become a joke for younger generation, and with good reason.

Foley is the change our state needs

87th Connecticut governor says Tom Foley should be the 89th.


Ebola letter wrong on facts and policy

We should be very concerned if many Americans believe what was in the fact challenged letter, “Obama Ebola mistrust,” (Oct. 22).

Some group therapy is good police policy

I am glad someone wrote into The Day, “Some good karma might benefit cops,” (Oct. 21), to suggest therapy for police officers.

Seeks info on whether Ledyard ed cuts made

Pardon me if I sound a little skeptical concerning reductions in the town budget that was passed on May 10, 2014. My concern for the moment is with the cuts proposed by Finance Committee Chairman Gordon Strickland regarding the cut to the education...

Raise gas tax!?!

In reference to the “Bloomberg View” on raising the federal gas tax, I have three words, “In Your Hat.”\n

First breast cancer defense: prevention

The First Defense Against Breast Cancer is Prevention.

Obama Ebola mistrust

How many people actually believe President Obama when he stated Ebola is hard to trasnmit, when doctor’s not connected to the government disagree with his rhetoric.

A vote for Joe Visconti won't be a wasted vote

Kudos to Susan Silva on her letter, “Conn. voters deserved to hear more of Visconti,” (Oct. 20), concerning our third choice for a governor, Joe Visconti. I didn’t know that we had a third choice to vote for until I watched the debate that he was...

'Yes' NL vote helps schools and its home values

One of the key factors involved in determining the value of residential property is the quality of the schools in that community. It is rare opportunity when residential property owners can positively affect that value by voting “Yes” for the bond...

Headline detracted from voting story

I encourage the voters in southeast Connecticut to vote "yes" on ballot question #1. Let's pass the amendment and start the conversation.\n\n

Stone's background makes her choice clear

Mary Stone is the right person to represent Lyme, Old Lyme, Old Saybrook and Westbrook in Hartford.

Day's backing young Republican is bizarre

The Day’s bizarre endorsement won’t hurt Elissa Wright, but it does raise doubt about The Day’s editorial judgment and motives. \n

Teacher union support for Malloy is misplaced

Get rid of the bureaucrats, technocrats and Democrats. Vote for the other guys. It can’t get much worse.\n



Reducing terrorism with dose of prevention

Working to stem the development of new terrorists.

Time to admit economy is improving

Used to bad economic news, many find it difficult to accept the fact things are improving.

'Openly gay' Houston mayor violates the rights of her city's pastors

Order seeking asscess to pastor sermons violates religious and free speech rights.


Too much of politics killing U.S. democracy

We have plenty politics, that's for sure, and it is turning most people off.

Sudden plenty replaces domestic energy fears

Domestic productions means regulation concerns replacing past fears of energy shortages.