Address Connecticut's 'permanent fiscal crisis'

Fundamentally, the budget did little or nothing to address the state's fiscal problems.

Ocean Beach Park still fun at 75

As for the entertainment venue that the policies and trends of the late 1930s and early 1940s produced, it continues to serve its purpose — a place for the working class to seek relief from...

Jindal lost his way

Jindal would be in much better shape if he had made good on his original promise — to serve as the savvy Republican policy wonk.

60 years fighting for open government

It is the 60th anniversary of the group’s founding by Connecticut journalists seeking to protect the public’s right to know.

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Thresher widow unites with husband at sea

Irene passed away at 87 years of age, on Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014, leaving behind a last request to be buried at sea alongside her husband.

More gambling, less tech support, no way to build state economy

While legislative leaders were making things tougher for many of Connecticut’s most promising industries, they were bending over backwards to find ways to prop up the state’s faltering casino industry.


Proposed income fix would worsen problem

Income gap fixes; President Obama has indeed done all he can to spread the wealth (redistribution of wealth). This is also the basic premise of socialism. To address the four points in the letter, “

NL's boat show was a boat bust

Although I don’t claim to be an expert on the subject, I have attended a number of boat shows here in the Northeast, in California and even in the United Kingdom. The one thing that all these events had in common, as you would imagine, was...

Problem much bigger than church shooting

While I applaud the recent editorial, “Guns, racism and death in South Carolina,” (June 20), condemning the lax gun laws in South...

Recent series proved Seaside's historic value

John Ruddy’s extraordinary 3-part series, “Tuberculosis doctor’s stubborn vision led to Seaside,” (June 7),...

Partisan politics reigned in Conn. budget process

After Gov. Malloy announced his budget in February, our state legislators had a golden opportunity to work together in bipartisan collaboration. They had the starting point of common ground that the governor’s cuts to social...

She loved Charleston, a forgiving community

As a resident of Charleston, S.C. 20 years ago for an all too brief period, during a submarine tour for my husband, I am not surprised at the local reaction to the recent tragic shooting. Sandwiched between two lengthy periods of residence in...

Electronic record rules hurting doctor practices

In “Obama turned doctors into data-entry techs” (May 28), Charles Krauthammer’s criticisms of the negative...

New London has too much welfare, too few police

The recent shootings at the Thames River Apartment complex were tragic, but also preventable.  Low-income housing eligibility criteria is not determined by the New London Housing Authority. Like Medicaid criteria, housing...

Leave climate coercion to the German model

Regarding Catherine Rampell’s column, “Climate change ignorance an American exception,” (June 11). It’s hard to...

Pope should recognize population problem too

Bravo to Pope Francis for his encyclical regarding global warming and the environment. Now if we could just get His...

LED light switch is hardly enlightened

This is a somewhat hesitant reply to the article, “LEDs make move for consumer...

Let state budget stand as passed

The state's budget had no sooner been passed than everyone wanted to change it. I support the budget as passed by the legislature because it preserves services for those who need them. We certainly do not need fewer supports for those among us...



Euro becomes weapon of mass destruction

The demands placed on Greece were made in the spirit of tough love among family members, but it had the effect of pushing Greece into default and depression anyway.

Same-sex marriage is only the beginning

This is diversity? No, this is enforced orthodoxy of a different kind and thus in violation of the Constitution and the special protection the Founders gave to people of faith.

Ending Confederacy in every manifestation

The flag was used not only by Confederate soldiers to defend slavery but also by Ku Klux Klansmen committing acts of unspeakable terror against African-Americans.


Greese should reject latest euro demands

Greece should vote “no,” and the Greek government should be ready, if necessary, to leave the euro.

Another prespective on New London eminent doman saga

The case should have focused on City Charter language that pre-empts the eminent domain provisions of state statutes concerning economic development.