Historic shift toward Cuba the right one

A long overdue change in policy toward Cuba has arrived.

Stonington accord

New beginning for Stonington.

Profile in cowardice

If movie is pulled, the extortioners win.

Enough blather, fund NL police contract

You know politics are involved when there is this much debate over an accounting function.

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



School funding: Still the 'haves' and 'have nots'

Easing dependence on property taxes is the key to fairly funding education in the state.

Closing Southbury is best policy option

It is time to relegate to history the days of institutional care for developmentally disabled.


Food donation demand continues to grow

This year marks the Fifth anniversary of The New London Food Coalition (New London Food Bank). Three days a week an all volunteer team hands out food to those in need.

Small, swift print

A written message, or a mane appears on the TV screen, and in a flash, it is gone.

Affordable Care Act doesn't go far enough

One of the common underlying misconceptions about the Affordable Care Act is that it is not working well because it is government run. And because it is government run, it is expensive and rationing health care.

Guard CIA secrets

A lot can be said about the Senate Intelligence Committee report on alleged CIA abuses, “CIA chief defends agency,” (Dec. 12), including this: Trying to publicly micromanage America’s secret service through hindsight may make for watchable political...

Ledyard Town Council must do its homework

One member of the Town Council feels the Board of Education is unprofessional and the Chair feels it is Catholic school upbringing made her a straight shooter.

Obamacare red tape worsening her health

I am on the Husky D Health Insurance through the Obamacare and I been having nothing but problems with getting prescriptions filled.

Costly water line a mistake for Montville

As a well-informed citizen of Montville I am at a loss for why the Town Of Montville WPCA would push so hard to install a water line to the high school with a price tag of almost seven million dollars plus interest on the backs of all tax payers.

Great library service

Are the towns people of Old Lyme aware of a marvelous home service provide by the Phoebe Griffin Noyes Library?

Simple expectations, but history's complex

There are people in this country who think fifty years of the civil rights act is enough to make all people equal.

Walk in a cop's shoes

It appears from previous intellectual writers on their expertise of law enforcement procedures that they have all the correct answers to enforcing the law.\n

Teacher pension letter had the facts wrong

I am a retired teacher and was amazed to read Mike Gouzie’s statement in the letter, “He wants to stay if he can afford to,” (Dec. 14), that teacher retirees receive a 50 percent pension discount on their state income tax.

Shameful period

How close have we come to the dreaded Nazi experiments of WWII when this Senate report said “It provided interrogators with reams of data, CIA medical specialists with the limits of human endurance .....” This report makes me shudder, again, at the...



Congress undermines IRS, encourages tax avoidance

Want to make deficit worse and taxes higher? Keep cutting the IRS.

Presidential timber growing in Indiana

National could follow Indiana's lead with tax-cutting, education reform candidate.


Populist Warren could rewrite American politics

Populist platform could bring middle-class whites back into Democratic fold.

The drones are here

Banning drones won't prevent terrorists from using them.