Yes on questions to move New London forward

New London voters face five questions on the election ballot.

Hewett in 39th

Embarrassing comment behind him, Hewett must work to restore his stature in the House.

Hike federal gas tax

Increasing gas tax to improve transportation system will result in long-term economic growth.

Formica gets nod over Ritter in 20th

Formica our choice among two strong candidates in 20th Senatorial District.

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Voting may be serious, but the candidates aren't

Politics have become a joke for younger generation, and with good reason.

Foley is the change our state needs

87th Connecticut governor says Tom Foley should be the 89th.


Day's backing young Republican is bizarre

The Day’s bizarre endorsement won’t hurt Elissa Wright, but it does raise doubt about The Day’s editorial judgment and motives. \n

Teacher union support for Malloy is misplaced

Get rid of the bureaucrats, technocrats and Democrats. Vote for the other guys. It can’t get much worse.\n

Some good karma might benefit cops

It’s appalling how almost everyday there are new videos of Police violence towards citizens, but the nation needs a good police presents to keep civil obedience during emergencies and the prevention of crime or just give a trusted helping hand.

Monsanto donation came with no strings

In the story, “Monsanto gift to nature center prompts charge of ‘greenwashing’,” (Sept. 30), it states the activists “plan to hold weekly meetings until the issue is resolved”.

The Wright vote to protect our homes

State Representative Elissa Wright is a forceful advocate for families and consumers.

Growth and climate

I cite the preceding figures because of recent articles written by people who claim that human-induced global climate change is a myth.

Conn. voters deserved to hear more of Visconti

Joe Visconti, the third candidate for governor who petitioned onto the ballot with over 10,000 signatures, is being locked out of the televised debates denying voters the opportunity to see all the candidates on the ballot.

Commercial stations favored ad buyers

Exclusion of Joe Visconti in election coverage and debate is unfair.

It's about more than 'insider appointment'

Our representative democracy depends on electing legislators who are responsive to the voters rather than to big money interests.

Vote Moukawsher

Ted Moukawsher has done a good job as a legislator. He has worked hard for Groton taxpayers.

Re-elect Dan Malloy

I support Dan Malloy for Governor of Connecticut.

Get proper screening

Until recently, I did not know that lobular breast cancer, which accounts for about 10% of all breast cancer diagnoses, is almost never seen on mammograms of women with dense breast tissue.



Long live New London's lively Garde debates

Local debate series mixes politics, passion and entertainment.

Helping rebuild Gaza is suicide by diplomacy

Why on earth is U.S. paying to rebuild Gaza for Hamas?

Debate at the Garde Thursday may be unique

Unlike other debates, three candidates will be heard from in New London.


Sudden plenty replaces domestic energy fears

Domestic productions means regulation concerns replacing past fears of energy shortages.

A perilous, not-so-easy fix for the economy

Efficient investment in infrastructure could get the economy humming, but efficiency is not very likely.