Politics, paybacks and paycheck ploys

The politicians in Hartford probably deserve a pay raise, but make it honest.

The Keystone follies

There is no good reason to build Keystone, except to make Big Oil happy.

Tricky India relations

Many competing interests make U.S. relations with India tricky.

Don't short-circuit Iranian nuclear talks

Negotiations with Iran are delicate and Congress should not seek to impose itself into the talks.

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Fraternities, sororities have their good sides

The benefits of pledging a sorority or fraternity far outweigh the problems reported by the media.

Smart management, not more taxes, will make 'NL Proud'

Taxing nonprofits will not solve New London problems, but new creative approaches to managing spending can.


Evil plots exposed, Belichick will crumble

Sunday, Feb. 1, promises to be an historic day. With Ernst Starvo Belichick having been exposed, his reign of terror will finally end. For 15 years this diabolical genius has cheated his way to 12 division titles in the most watched sport on the...

Support those candidates with grassroots support

Voters, regardless of political party, all have an interest in politicians whose campaigns are funded by ordinary constituents instead of huge donors.

Women empowerment? Not what Cal wants

In response to Cal Thomas’ commentary, “If all women see sonograms, there will be fewer abortions,” (Jan. 28)

By hogging parking, EB a poor neighbor

EB New London is Unfriendly Neighbor\n

Call ISIS and ilk monsters they are

Following the execution yet another ISIS hostage, I suggest an international re-branding campaign for the ISIS, Boko Haram and other groups currently referred in the media as “militants, Islamists, extremists, fighters, etc.”

Despite Collins' claims, Ritter right for the job

I was incensed to read the column, “Malloy patronage is shameful,” (Jan. 21), by David Collins, when what was truly “shameful” was the level Mr. Collins stooped to make a point about patronage.

Day captured storm like no other paper

Day photos captured the storm.

Aerial photo of sleds was absolutely terrific

My family and I loved the aerial photos in The Day, Jan. 29, of the Blizzard 2015.

Love the photos!

Just a note to say how much I agree with the letter written, “Applause for Day’s staff photographers,” (Jan. 29).

Clear NL schools 1st

Explain to me a concerned grandmother how all businesses can be shoveled out and the children of New London came last?

High parking fees discourage train use

Commuter Unfriendly New London?

Heroes with a snow plow saved her hours of shoveling

There are still generous people with good hearts out there like the men in the truck who saw an older woman shoveling meter high snow left by town plowing.



Waiting for doomsday for nearly 70 years

Gov. Malloy gives raises to the comfortable and ignores the needs of struggling families.

Relearning how public schools teach

It may be time for a new education system to accommodate rapid change in a new century.

70 years post Auschwitz, a new Holocaust threat

Saying never again, is easy, preventing Iran from having a nuclear weapon is the real challenge.


Ending Connecticut's boom and bust budgets

With a new strategy, Connecticut should have the money set aside to weather the next economic downturn.

Keystone's a symbol; real energy policy needed

Some sensible suggestions for energy policy.