Maynard must decide fitness to serve

Still recovering the effects of a serious brain injury suffered in a fall last July, Sen. Maynard is not the legislator he was.

Chamber hit jackpot with Etess selection

Mitchell Etess perfectly matches the Citizen of the Year criteria: “a person who has made significant contributions to the region’s civic and business life.”

Isn't Mumford Cove tax break enough?

Groton would not allow either Groton Long Point or Mumford Cove to be built today with their residents’-only beaches.

Honoring silent sentinels on Memorial Day

Americans need to remember because those who sacrificed deserve it and because blocking out the reality that the day represents would be a perilous mistake.

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Finding ways to build better boys

Helping boys succeed does not mean turning the clock back for girls.

Enact state budget that protects property taxpayers

If lawmakers want to ensure the state’s economic competiveness, they must start with sustaining Connecticut’s towns and cities.


Congress shouldn't hike military food costs

I have just read, with dismay, about the Senate Armed Services Committee’s plan to decrease taxpayer support of the commissary system, “

Climate disruption is actually a big deal

This is in response to the Mike DiMauro’s column, “Coast Guard Academy should matter the other 364 days of...

Stop Chelsea cutting save Mohegan Park

Chelsea Gardens, created by the Norwich City Council in place in June 1993, is an idea past its time. The citizens of Norwich should not be placed at risk of losing the natural park and picking up the mess with taxpayer’s dollars...

Day correct, include GOP in talks

We echo the sentiments expressed in The Day regarding the Connecticut state budget, “Include Republicans in state budget talks,” (May...

Geese-chasing dogs is poor Preston policy

Concerning the article, “Preston considering hiring border collies to scare geese from park,” (May 15), regarding the Preston Board of Selectmen wanting to use Border Collies to stare off the...

Fix damaged section of Ocean Avenue

I should like to make an observation on the condition of the roads in New London. Most of the main thoroughfares in New London are in reasonable good condition with the glaring exception of the city-owned portion of Ocean Avenue between Niles...

Warren speaks truth and so faces attacks

Froma Harrop in a recent column, “The left is wrong on fast-track trade issue,” (May 16), accused Sen. Elizabeth Warren of...

Don't let corporations set Pacific trader rules

Your editorial, “Engage Asia-Pacific,” (May 18), urges us to embrace a “pivot to Asia” by supporting the “Trans-Pacific...

System is broken

Your editorial, “Tsarnaev sentence,” (May 19), points out, once again, the great short-coming in the U.S. Justice System; the lengthy appeals...

East Lyme Finance Board member will improve process

In response to the letter, "Budget process restart after East Lyme ignored rules," (May 18), I offer this, my apology. The...

Witch hazel defined

When next you write about witch hazel, “Historians take ‘Initiative’ in Essex,” (May 14), please let readers know that...

Lower welfare ranks with living wages

A living wage for anyone who is willing to work is important. We don't get to choose how smart we are, or what social class we're born into, but we can certainly all choose to be productive or be lazy in our own ways. No one deserves to suffer...



Clinton’s focus trivia while Syria unraveled

Try reading these messages not as a catalog of scandal (which doesn’t appear to be there) but as fragments of an epistolary novel of Imperial Washington.

Social liberal shift is now undeniable

On multiple social issues, Americans have indeed become more likely to adopt the standard lefty stance.

Like life, testing must be high-stakes

Connecticut’s schools practice the social promotion of students. Nearly every student who shows up is given a high school diploma even if he has learned little.


Russia’s World War II burden still is heavy

Long before Putin, my Soviet schoolteachers told me that the Soviet Union would have won the Great Patriotic War without the help of insincere Western allies.

Veterans help returning service members deal with PTSD

The nation has taken good steps toward ensuring better care for returning veterans, but more can and must be done.