Mohegan milestone

The naming of a Mohegan tribal member to the top gaming executive position was a significant event.

Clinton emails

Why would the secretary of state think it is a good idea to use her private email to conduct her very public job?

Tax plan sends wrong business signal

As the state continues it economic recovery, a boost in business taxes is not the right approach.

Facing heroin scourge

Heroin use has become a major health issue for state and deserves a commensurate response.

City finds hope after Chew tragedy

Out of a terrible tragedy has grown a wonderful event.

What a winter

This unrelenting winter has to end soon, right?

D.C. pot games

Republicans should stop trying to score political points and let D.C. working out details of marijuana law change.

Irony abounds in Prague pension flap

That Prague didn't know appears a condemnation of the department she long directed.

Internet wars?

The FCC has just entered the fray over who should manage the Internet.

Dems eye Chicago

Do Democrats want to be a moderate, pro-business party or focus soley on labor and attacking rich? Chicago election may provide answer.

Vote fix overdone

Steps to improve voting system in Connecticut needed, but complete overhaul may go too far.

Divisive speech

Making political hay over concerns about an Iranian bomb may damage U.S. and Israeli relations.


Retired doctor agrees the focus at L+M must be the patients

Kudos to Dr. Constantine Manthus, “L+M clinicians must learn to work together,” (Mar. 1).

In confronting ISIS, recall lessons of Iraq

Anger over the horrific atrocities committed by ISIS has raised again the call for U.S. ground troops to participate in an attack to destroy them.

Vile ISIS comparison insults working people

Scott Walker’s comparison of the protesters in Madison and ISIS is reprehensible.


Open Internet survives weird politics

The lobbying money and muscle of Comcast, AT&T and Time Warner no doubt stoked lawmakers’ passions.

Unfair labor record tarnishes McD's arches

The many complaints McDonald's faces about its labor practices is telling.

Conn. should again reject suicide bill

Group keeps trying to get physician-assisted suicide law passed in Connecticut.