Court takes step to curb excessive police search powers

Recent decision still leaves in place the ability of police to search vehicles with drug-sniffing dogs without just cause in violation of constitutional protections.

Are Yankees yearning or dreading A-Rods achievements?

The Yankees had planned to exploit the marketing opportunities A-Rod's records would present. Now their product is contaminated.

Republican white flag suggests Obamacare here to stay

Yes, Sen. Ted Cruz and some other hard-right Republican presidential contenders will continue to run against the law, but in reality the fight appears over. The discussion will not turn to improving the law, which should have been the focus all...

Troubling ruling in Stonington FOI case

Though providing access to texts of a local first selectman, the FOI Commission's green light for excessive redaction does not serve the public interest.

Finizio owns fiasco centered on New London police chief

In suspending Chief Ackley last July, the mayor took a big gamble that he would be able to build a case to justify her firing or persuade her to take a settlement agreeable to the City Council.

New priorities as Earth Day turns 45

That first Earth Day, 45 years ago today, is considered the birth of the environmental movement, and within a decade it inspired landmark legislation.

Keeping Millstone's 'bad' year in context

The finding of three "mimimal" safety violations is nothing to celebrate, but not cause for alarm, either.

Removing Cuba from terror list inevitable

Cuba is no longer the hemisphere’s beacon of revolution, in large part because the Cuban model long ago lost its allure for all but the most naive believers in Marxism.

Malloy makes solid choice for Conn. education commissioner

Dr. Wentzell knows the struggles of urban schools, having worked two years in the Hartford Public Schools.

Approve Stonington school renovations on Tuesday

Doing nothing is not an option. If voters were to reject this proposal, the schools would need substantial renovations until officials could produce a new plan for voters.

Congress playing a risky game with Iran talks

The bill approved unanimously Tuesday by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is ill-timed and could make an agreement less likely, which is the motive of at least some of the bill’s supporters.

Change in property tax policy would help New London

For too long the state has done too little to assist cities that have a large percentage of tax-exempt properties


Conn College professor was addressing reality

Regarding, “Conn College professor responds to reaction to Facebook post” (April 15). Do not college professors have the right to a...

Defense of Finizio was a snow job

What a joke: ¨The city always comes first ... the job of running the government in different situations will always come before the...

Is Hillary Clinton really the best Democrats can offer?

Her resume of accomplishments would test the greatest writers of fiction. Is this the best that the Democrat Party has to offer? (Hillary Clinton)


Obama's Nixon doctrine: the anointing of Iran

The only problem with Obama’s version of the Nixon doctrine is that Iran today is not the Westernized, secular, pro-American regional power it...

Turkey’s long-ago slaughter of Armenians

Armenians, like people everywhere who have experienced great tragedies, have a part of their souls that is forever in the shadows.

Right under their noses, senators clueless how bad things are for working poor

But unbeknown to any of these bigwigs senators, Gladden is homeless. He works in the Senate cafeteria, and he has not had a fixed address for the...