The Keystone follies

There is no good reason to build Keystone, except to make Big Oil happy.

Tricky India relations

Many competing interests make U.S. relations with India tricky.

Don't short-circuit Iranian nuclear talks

Negotiations with Iran are delicate and Congress should not seek to impose itself into the talks.

Region storm-tested

State and region have improved their ability to deal with these major storms.

A better punishment

The old form of punishment -- suspension -- does not work well. Time for a new approach.

Too much tolerance of Saudi abuses

The sad reality is that diplomacy and the dictates of foreign policy can require relationships with the most unpleasant of allies, and few relationships have been more indicative of this than the United States' long association with Saudi...

Meet cyber threats

U.S. can't afford to keep ignoring the threat of a cyber-terrorism.

Accepting good news

Businesses that have been waiting to expand when the economy turned around should take notice that it has.

Benefits of supporting the public library

Increased financial support for the Public Library of New London is long overdue.

Reform campaign law for governor's race or drop it

Fix it if possible, but don't hold another election for governor under these rules.

Say it ain't so, Tom

A simple solution to the Deflate-gate controversy: Don't allow NFL teams to supply their own footballs.

Saudi shame

Saudi Arabia's actions are hypocritical.


Day captured storm like no other paper

Day photos captured the storm.

Aerial photo of sleds was absolutely terrific

My family and I loved the aerial photos in The Day, Jan. 29, of the Blizzard 2015.

Love the photos!

Just a note to say how much I agree with the letter written, “Applause for Day’s staff photographers,” (Jan. 29).


70 years post Auschwitz, a new Holocaust threat

Saying never again, is easy, preventing Iran from having a nuclear weapon is the real challenge.

Debunking the climate change snow job

Climate change cultists keep spinning information to get sensational headlines.

'Sharing-economy' jobs have dark side

Be-your-own-boss jobs can leave workers exposed.