Obama Ebola mistrust

How many people actually believe President Obama when he stated Ebola is hard to trasnmit, when doctor’s not connected to the government disagree with his rhetoric.

A vote for Joe Visconti won't be a wasted vote

Kudos to Susan Silva on her letter, “Conn. voters deserved to hear more of Visconti,” (Oct. 20), concerning our third choice for a governor, Joe Visconti. I didn’t know that we had a third choice to vote for until I watched the debate that he was...

'Yes' NL vote helps schools and its home values

One of the key factors involved in determining the value of residential property is the quality of the schools in that community. It is rare opportunity when residential property owners can positively affect that value by voting “Yes” for the bond...

Headline detracted from voting story

I encourage the voters in southeast Connecticut to vote "yes" on ballot question #1. Let's pass the amendment and start the conversation.\n\n

Stone's background makes her choice clear

Mary Stone is the right person to represent Lyme, Old Lyme, Old Saybrook and Westbrook in Hartford.

Day's backing young Republican is bizarre

The Day’s bizarre endorsement won’t hurt Elissa Wright, but it does raise doubt about The Day’s editorial judgment and motives. \n

Teacher union support for Malloy is misplaced

Get rid of the bureaucrats, technocrats and Democrats. Vote for the other guys. It can’t get much worse.\n

Some good karma might benefit cops

It’s appalling how almost everyday there are new videos of Police violence towards citizens, but the nation needs a good police presents to keep civil obedience during emergencies and the prevention of crime or just give a trusted helping hand.

Monsanto donation came with no strings

In the story, “Monsanto gift to nature center prompts charge of ‘greenwashing’,” (Sept. 30), it states the activists “plan to hold weekly meetings until the issue is resolved”.

The Wright vote to protect our homes

State Representative Elissa Wright is a forceful advocate for families and consumers.

Growth and climate

I cite the preceding figures because of recent articles written by people who claim that human-induced global climate change is a myth.

Conn. voters deserved to hear more of Visconti

Joe Visconti, the third candidate for governor who petitioned onto the ballot with over 10,000 signatures, is being locked out of the televised debates denying voters the opportunity to see all the candidates on the ballot.


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In Stonington, Haberek bows out

Haberek wore out his welcome with embarrassing missteps, refusal to abide by FOI rules.

Easier voting, step 1

Remove restrictions on how we vote from the Constitution.

Yes on questions to move New London forward

New London voters face five questions on the election ballot.


'Openly gay' Houston mayor violates the rights of her city's pastors

Order seeking asscess to pastor sermons violates religious and free speech rights.

Long live New London's lively Garde debates

Local debate series mixes politics, passion and entertainment.