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Letters to the Editor

Premium Content Good fences make good neigh-bors

 April 24, 2014

This is in response to the Supreme Court decision regarding the disposition of horses.

Why did you make such a decision? Don't horse owners have enough to worry about? Not only horse owners or keepers, but how about other animals that...

Premium Content NL needs a lottery

 April 24, 2014

Again, the bankruptcy clock ticks forward for the city of New London. Since, there is no idea of what the city owes to pay all the bills, all the bonds, all the interest and what is the total payoff figure is to settle all of New London's debts?...

Premium Content Glorifying a gun-toting scofflaw is disgraceful

 April 24, 2014

Over the last week the tea party wing of the Republican party, Fox News and the Republican National Committee has forever disgraced itself by supporting the actions of Nevada cattle rancher and tax deadbeat Cliven Bundy and his extremely...

Premium Content Old song's lyrics still resonate today

 April 24, 2014

Bulkeley was a boys high school in New London many years ago. Occasionally, the headmaster would have the entire student body sing his old favorites.

This was one:

"Believe me, if all those endearing young...

Premium Content It's a fact: Men and women are different

 April 23, 2014

Regarding Margaret Carlson's April 13 column, "Women, get loud! Keep pushing for equal pay," any woman in Connecticut would be ecstatic to learn her employer was paying a man more for driving the same truck that she drove. After litigation she...

Premium Content Rep. Ritter has been a great asset

 April 23, 2014

In response to, "Will GOP seize opportunity in 20th Senate?" (April 13), it is apparent that Editorial Page Editor Paul Choiniere does not know State Rep. Betsy Ritter of Waterford, D-38th District, or he choose not to honestly portray her...

Premium Content Old Saybrook Preserve is worth saving

 April 23, 2014

A fresh approach and the new energy of experienced minds can radically improve a project's prospects.

Such is the case regarding The Preserve. With the seasoned management and direction of The Trust for Public Land, Old Saybrook, Essex...

Premium Content Recent letter was both insulting and ignorant

 April 22, 2014

I write in response to your reader who maintains in his letter entitled, "Evolutionists sleep in on Sunday mornings," (April, 4), that the scientific community, by trying to prove there is no God, are trying to justify why they sleep late or play...

Premium Content Vendor rule change smacks of favoritism

 April 21, 2014

On April 14, the Montville Town Council engaged in a blatant example of political payback when four of the Democratic councilors voted to reduce the buffer zone from one mile to 500 feet between established brick-and-mortar taxpaying businesses...

Premium Content 'Cactus' influenced his life immensely

 April 20, 2014

The effect that that Edwin Evento had on people will last for generations. I was directly affected by this fine man through sports. although his strong points have nothing to do with his knowledge of X's and O's pertaining to the game of baseball...

Premium Content Be Stonington proud about frugal schooling

 April 20, 2014

I would like to commend our teachers and administrators in Stonington for the fine job they have done over the past several years keeping our students at almost every grade level above the state goal in CAPT testing. This has been accomplished...

Premium Content World war looms due to weak leader

 April 20, 2014

President Teddy Roosevelt said it best, "Speak softly and carry a big stick." President Reagan's big stick was missile defense and he used it to bring Russian Premier Gorbachov to his knees, ending the Cold War. Obama removed missile defense from...

Premium Content Insurrection could follow gun seizure

 April 19, 2014

The Day was correct in the April 13 editorial, "State's gun laws working as intended."

We know now the intention all along was to make a constitutional right into a privilege. We all know the laws concerning a privilege can be changed at...

Premium Content Contradictory award and gift for Pelosi

 April 19, 2014

Nancy Pelosi, one of the dumbest politicians in American history, last week received a double gift loaded with a perfectly delicious irony. The former speaker - who rolled Obamacare through the House of Representatives, apparently without reading...

Premium Content Control medical errors, not citizens' firearms

 April 18, 2014

In 1999, the Institute of Medicine reported up to 98,000 people die per year because of mistakes in hospitals. The Journal of Patient Safety recently published a study reflecting figures between 210,000 and 440,000. In 2010, the Office of...

Premium Content Missing page deserved more media attention

 April 18, 2014

Did anyone know that when our Heath and Human Resources Director Katherine Sebelius had a ceremony to celebrate her successful launch of Obamacare and her resignation that she was missing the last page of her prepared speech? You certainly did...

Premium Content TV hospital advertising doesn't make sense

 April 18, 2014

In our household we watch primarily PBS and get local news from the major networks and, of course, enjoy University of Connecticut women's basketball.

My recollection is that hospital TV advertising in Connecticut started with the Smilow...

Premium Content Don't turn a blind eye to domestic violence

 April 18, 2014

Two years ago my brother-in-law and his girlfriend were brutally murdered. It is frightening to see how violence seems to be increasing every day. Bullying, threatening, harassment, assault, domestic violence is everywhere, not just in our...

Premium Content Stop tolerating bully in Groton schools

 April 18, 2014

The Groton Schools are doing a poor job of protecting our children from bullies. After several complaints about one child in the middle school to the guidance counselor, principal, assistant principal and the superintendent of the school system,...

Premium Content State working hard on Seaside project

 April 17, 2014

Regarding David Collins' April 8 column, "Malloy Inc.: Deal-making with a tax scofflaw," it should be noted that the Seaside "deal" was entered into in 2010, prior to the Malloy administration. The deal was some 15 years in the making and...

Premium Content Satti clear choice in state Senate race

 April 17, 2014

Three years ago, Mayor Finizio energized the New London Democratic Party in an unprecedented way, but the election process was a fractious one. It could have been a disaster for the party here in New London. Instead, Town Committee Chairman Bill...

Premium Content High-skilled nurses benefit health system

 April 17, 2014

In your editorial "Good Medicine" (March 12) you explained why advanced practice nurses (APRNs) should be allowed the right to practice independently. Although physicians have not supported the APRNs in their quest for independence, the shortage...

Premium Content For a cleaner future, support bill to cut back on incineration

 April 17, 2014

One of the first lessons I learned in my high school environmental class was the importance of attacking pollution at the source, rather than cleaning up the mess of pollution after the fact. For me, waiting until the air we breathe is filled...

Premium Content Speak up, Ledyard, or prepare to pay up

 April 16, 2014

To my friends, neighbors and fellow taxpayers, we have a chance to do something about a significant hike in our taxes before it's too late. The $53.3 million spending plan totaling a 6.4 percent increase is nothing more than reaching deeper into...

Premium Content In Val Tamano, NL schools had a gem

 April 16, 2014

With the recent announcement that Valerie Tamano will retire from the New London Public Schools effective July 1, comes the end to a legacy of leadership. Miss Tamano welcomed me to the board in 1997. She introduced me to the almost 1,000...

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Premium Content Good fences make good neigh-bors

This is in response to the Supreme Court decision regarding the...

Premium Content NL needs a lottery

Again, the bankruptcy clock ticks forward for the city of New London.

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While I am used to getting mail from politicians and political groups,...

Premium Content Will GOP seize opportunity in 20th Senate?

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