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Letters to the Editor

Premium Content World in upheaval and focus is Lebron

 July 24, 2014

There's been time the past few weeks to reflect on the stuff around us: Hamas, Russia, Chaves. Islamic Radicals, North Korea (Lim Jong Un), Iran, liquidating Russian assets in United States to pay for their involvement, media shepherding public...

Premium Content Israel's Gaza blockade created desperation

 July 24, 2014

Gary Jones, in his July 21, guest-op, "Hamas risks the lives of its own people," suggests that Hamas refuses to agree to a cease fire to "gain international sympathy by driving up the body count of its own civilians." I counter with another...

Premium Content Obama aids invasion and guilty of treason

 July 24, 2014

It has become clear that President Obama has ordered and is directing the deluge of illegal aliens now flooding our southwestern borders. He has obstructed the rights and prerogatives of the border states to defend themselves while simultaneously...

Premium Content Doubletalk from NL on superintendent process

 July 24, 2014

Special Master Dr. Adamowski's statements in "Incoming ... superintendent's references to Ph.D. at issue" indicate that he understands the seriousness of misrepresenting academic credentials:

"(Carter) was absolutely clear that he had...

Premium Content Time to revisit how we get fire protection

 July 24, 2014

I think it's time the citizens of New London County start taking a look at the history of how "fire districts" evolved. The first question that comes to mind is at what point did municipalities abdicate the responsibility of organizing and...

Premium Content Cheney should take Putin shotgun hunting

 July 23, 2014

It is difficult for me to imagine why the Sunday talking heads are interviewing the Cheney clan on the subject of foreign policy and military deployment. This is the guy who led us into Iraq on false information. Dick Cheney is the man, along...

Premium Content Elephants not intended to entertain humans

 July 23, 2014

Regarding the letter: "End elephant rides at N. Stonington Fair," (July 21), I'm in total agreement. I've done a lot of reading about these magnificent creatures that have existed on our planet for many years. Elephants are some of the most...

Premium Content Both race for Congress, Mideast War one sided

 July 23, 2014

The Day's article, "Courtney jumps to $1 million fundraising advantage in 2nd District campaign," (July 18), reported that net campaign contributions to U.S. Rep. Joe Courtney, D-2nd District, outstrip those of his Republican opponent, Lori...

Premium Content NL's first responders did great job at fire

 July 23, 2014

We at Capt. Scotts would like to commend the New London Police Department and especially the New London Fire Department for their fine response to a boat fire at our dock on July 18. The fine work of all who responded and their professionalism in...

Premium Content Location causes him to miss parking riches

 July 23, 2014

Sailfest 2014 again brought tax-free windfall profits in the many tens of thousands of dollars to New London property owners through the temporary parking of cars visiting for the fireworks July 12.

They charged anywhere from $10 to as much...

Premium Content Use trusted source for medical advice

 July 22, 2014

A pink insert in The Day shouts "We Can Help You Avoid a Stroke" for only $149! The ad by Lifeline Screening urges ultrasound screening of carotid arteries as a way to prevent strokes. In fact, this screening test actually increases your chances...

Premium Content Pitch in to gather trash tossed on the roadside

 July 22, 2014

I walk along North Main, Montauk, Taugwonk and Pequot Trail, some of Stonington's prettiest roadways. Often, I am unable to see the forest for the trash. Drivers go too fast to see bottles. But passengers notice. Cyclers might see a can here or...

Premium Content Mideast retribution breeds moral blindness

 July 22, 2014

Ghandi once said, "An eye for an eye, leads eventually to the whole world being blind."

We need to hear those words in our hearts and souls as the current crisis in Gaza and Israel unfolds. Both sides are suffering, both sides are living...

Premium Content Seaside house building the simple, best choice

 July 22, 2014

Where is the leadership in the Town of Waterford? I have given up on any type of leadership from our state elected officials. The solution to the Seaside decision is simple. We do not need another state or local park. We have one of the most...

Premium Content End elephant rides at N. Stonington Fair

 July 21, 2014

Elephant rides were sadly part of the 50th North Stonington Agricultural Fair. Elephants used for rides are routinely subjected to months on the road in filthy, cramped and poorly ventilated trailers. They are chained for a majority of their...

Premium Content For now, fear rules, but next generation can change

 July 21, 2014

For many generations mankind has sought to resolve disputes between nations without using fear as the primary weapon. It has resulted in some success using education, the law, religion and organizations such as the United Nations. Nevertheless,...

Premium Content Why invest national treasure in Israel?

 July 21, 2014

Apropos Mike Lukovich's political cartoon July 15; why do we keep giving so much taxpayer money to Israel? The Israelis are pretty well off with incomes like much of Europe. We need the money here for poverty, medical care, education, decaying...

Premium Content Palestinians to blame for conflict with Israel

 July 21, 2014

I find it interesting, but not completely surprising, that The Day's coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict highlights the plight of the Palestinians at the hands of Israel. This coverage seems to comport with a large cadre of liberal...

Premium Content Stonington charter revision teamwork

 July 20, 2014

On July 16 the town clerk of Stonington certified the petition submitted to initiate a charter revision commission. The petition contained in excess of 1,500 signatures. The organizers of this petition would like to extend our gratitude to the...

Premium Content Poor planning indeed

 July 20, 2014

What a mistake for the Stonington planning board to allow the removal and destruction of every tree and shrub to the property line of Clara Drive so that Masonicare can build a retirement community of independent and assisted living apartments.

Premium Content Riverside investment will serve New London

 July 20, 2014

I grew up in New London and attended public school there. I worked at The Day for 30 years. I own our family home on Bolles Avenue, living there my whole life. My backyard borders Riverside Park.

As a child I swam at the beach. My brother...

Premium Content Passing the torch at Salem library

 July 20, 2014

I would like to commend you for the recent article, "New head librarian's arrival among changes at Salem library," (July 12).

As a part-time staff member there, I can tell you that we are looking forward to meeting Rachel Gaither and...

Premium Content Day shows its stripes

 July 20, 2014

Your political cartoon July 10 on the Opinion page - critical of decisions by the five conservative Supreme Court justices - shows just how liberal a newspaper is The Day. Conservative decisions for a change really get to you.

Premium Content World has the ability to slow climate change

 July 19, 2014

The international community of experts warn us of global warming. They point to solving the problem by building emission-free power plants consisting mainly of nuclear, solar and wind renewables, around the globe. France (75 percent nuclear with...

Premium Content EL officials roll over for Gateway developers

 July 19, 2014

The saga of the Gateway Development Project in East Lyme continues to unfold with negative implications for the residents. The most recent development is just another in a series of bait and switches perpetrated by the developers and their...

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Premium Content World in upheaval and focus is Lebron

There's been time the past few weeks to reflect on the stuff around us:...

Premium Content Israel's Gaza blockade created desperation

Gary Jones, in his July 21, guest-op, "Hamas risks the lives of its own...

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