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Letters to the Editor

Premium Content Student example

 July 31, 2014

After reading all the articles about Terrence Carter, I think he would perfect for the job as superintendent of New London schools. It may teach the students what not to do when they leave school, and how to be honest citizens.

Premium Content People give of time to find lost puppy

 July 31, 2014

On Sunday, July 27, in the morning, my rescue puppy pulled the leash from my hand and ran down the hill from Mitchell College across Pequot Avenue and out of sight! I called my daughter for help, and my son-in-law contacted the police and animal...

Premium Content Fear of non-whites fuels right's agenda

 July 31, 2014

In a recent letter, "Obama aids invasion and guilty of treason," (July 24), the author spouts the typical right-wing nationalist rhetoric against the president, quoting the "Aid and Comfort" and "States Protection" clauses of the U.S.

Premium Content A fine animal advocate

 July 31, 2014

Regarding the letter, "Elephants not intended to entertain humans," (July 23). As I scan The Day paper, my attention is always drawn to any article on animal abuse. Even before reading the closing on a letter on the topic, I usually guess...

Premium Content Trying to avoid taxes is just good business

 July 31, 2014

President Obama's recent interview on CNBC regarding "Tax inversion" activities by some multinational businesses shows again how out of touch he is with our society and economy. He stated that it was unpatriotic for companies to avoid taxes by...

Premium Content Satti win would be great news for 20th

 July 30, 2014

On Aug. 12, Democrats in the 20th Senatorial District will have an important opportunity when they take part in the generation of some good news for the citizens of the district. The headline will be the primary results showing Bill Satti as the...

Premium Content How about details, candidate Carney?

 July 30, 2014

We always know when election time rolls around in the 23rd Assembly District. We receive flyers stating how a candidate will cut taxes, reduce government spending and improve our standard of living.

What puzzles me is how a young candidate,...

Premium Content Can't impeach Obama for following the law

 July 30, 2014

This is in response to the letter, "Obama aids invasion and guilty of treason," (July 24). Obama is only guilty of following the law. In 2008, through a bipartisan effort, the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act...

Premium Content Insane supt. choice?

 July 30, 2014

Einstein said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Think it over, New London. The system needs a good and honest school leader. I think the children and instructors deserve better.

Premium Content Rep. Ritter best choice in 20th Senate primary

 July 30, 2014

I was so proud to join the East Lyme Democratic Town Committee last month in voting to endorse state Rep. Betsy Ritter in her run for the state Senate. Betsy has served southeastern Connecticut for the past 10 years with integrity and hard work.

Premium Content Hamas will be hit until its rockets stop

 July 29, 2014

In contrast to the editorial, "Pursue cease-fire to stop Gaza carnage," (July 23), criticizing Israel's actions in Gaza, Israel received a strong backwind from an unlikely source on Tuesday, when the EU issued a statement strongly denouncing...

Premium Content Critics fire at Carter from glass houses

 July 29, 2014

In regards to the vetting of Terrence P. Carter to become superintendent of New London schools: People ask why is it that no one wants to take leadership roles anymore? This is precisely the reason why. We hold people to too high of a moral...

Premium Content Based on his actions, her vote is for Satti

 July 29, 2014

In the late 1980s, I was recently divorced and the sole provider for my children, one of whom was still in day care. Working parents will understand my distress when it was announced that day care centers in New London were being closed due to...

Premium Content Ritter's strong record on environment, health

 July 29, 2014

As a physician and conservationist with a keen interest in politics and policy, I am delighted to find that Betsy Ritter is running to be state Senator.

She has served with distinction in the state House of Representatives, chairing the...

Premium Content New London's powerful families must unite and act

 July 28, 2014

In following the debacle that is New London public education and governance, one calls to mind the gods of mythology who could only be destroyed by their own hand. Whaler Nation is its own worst enemy. Right now smart minds are regretting not...

Premium Content Where was he when R.I. got polluted?

 July 28, 2014

Rhode Island's Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse's fervent stance on environmental issues is why he was appointed chairman of the Clean Air and Nuclear Safety Senate Subcommittee. But Whitehouse's perceived reputation as an "environmental champion" is...

Premium Content 20th District voters should select Satti for Senate

 July 28, 2014

As the former mayor of the City of Groton, I understand the importance of working together as a team to achieve a goal. Over the years I had the good fortune to interact with Bill Satti both professionally and politically. On city issues, Bill...

Premium Content Time to get serious about highway litter

 July 28, 2014

I want to comment on the letter, "Pitch in to gather trash tossed on the roadside," (July 22), regarding the trash on the roadways. It seems that no one today has any regard for the environment when it comes to throwing their trash out of their...

Premium Content Day missed the boat!

 July 27, 2014

How could The Day have not reported the area's newest attraction? Visitors from as far as New Mexico have come to see the sunken boat and flotsam in the cove at the end of Broadway Avenue Ext. in Mystic - and you missed it.

Premium Content Company defends carotid screening

 July 27, 2014

This is in reply to the letter, "Use trusted source for medical advice," (July 22). Dr. Smith's statement that "this screening test actually increases your chances of stroke or death" is utterly false. Carotid artery screening is safe, effective...

Premium Content David Collins' criticism of Rep. Urban unfair

 July 27, 2014

Although David Collins' column is often right on in his investigative opinions, his July 23, "Malloy-Jepsen vs. Amistad pirates: The pirates are winning," appears to use negative, broad strokes concerning the efforts by members of our government...

Premium Content Rid Gaza of Hamas, then start peace talks

 July 27, 2014

Carleen Gerber is correct that "peace (between Israel and Gaza) is possible," but it is only possible if Hamas completely changes and the terror infrastructure in Gaza is completely eliminated, as is required by existing agreements between the...

Premium Content Former board member says restart the search

 July 26, 2014

As I prepare for tomorrow's lesson with my 8th grade summer school class, I become more and more concerned with the past few days of talk about the appointment of New London's next superintendent. I served 10 years as a member of New London's...

Premium Content Plenty of questions to answer about Carter

 July 26, 2014

How did Dr. Terrence P. Carter get so far in the recruiting/screening/selection process without rigorous questioning? The Hartford Courant has raised important questions. Led by school board President Peg Curtin, school board members and the...

Premium Content Happy trails, Mr. Carter

 July 26, 2014

I worked in publishing for 15 years, long enough to know that there are numerous opportunities to make corrections before a product goes to print. Terrence P. Carter could have said, "Stop the presses. I'm not a Ph.D."

Mr. Carter should get...

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Premium Content Student example

After reading all the articles about Terrence Carter, I think he would...

Premium Content People give of time to find lost puppy

On Sunday, July 27, in the morning, my rescue puppy pulled the leash...

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