Want dignified death? Let lawmakers know

In Oregon, Washington and Vermont, among other States (and over 20 are considering such bills), a competent, adult, terminally ill person who has six months or less to live has the right to ask his or her willing physician to issue a prescription to...

Great snow job in Town of Montville

I would like to commend Mayor Ronald McDaniel of the Town of Montville and all the Public Works people for a great job keeping the roads clear during the past snow storms this year.

Who do you love?

I think Rudy Giuliani got his Valentine fervor slightly askew.

Waterford needs unified firefighters

Waterford FD Staffing.

Day photos make mornings joyful

I just want to commend you for the wonderful photos we have enjoyed over the last few months.

We are a nation needlessly consumed by fear

The United States has become, thanks partially to media and political groups, a nation consumed by one fear after another.

'Poet of the lens'

Sean Elliot is indeed a poet of the lens.

Generational help

The other day a polite, energetic young man heartened my resolve to keep an eye on the sparrow, instead of on the empty glass half in this bleakest of seasons.\n

Conn. budget nothing but smoke and mirrors

CT Budget - Smoke and Mirrors

Obama earned Giuliani's assessment

Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s statement, does “President Obama love America?” seems to be a fair question.

Install casino tolls

Instead of burdening the residential and business taxpayers of the State of Connecticut (us) anymore by putting highway toll booths up, why not make the access roads to both casinos toll roads?

Goshen, Quaker Hill deserve equal fire help

I received a letter regarding the schedule to remove the full time fire fighters from Quaker Hill and Goshen Fire stations on Mar. 1, 2015.


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What a winter

This unrelenting winter has to end soon, right?

D.C. pot games

Republicans should stop trying to score political points and let D.C. working out details of marijuana law change.

Irony abounds in Prague pension flap

That Prague didn't know appears a condemnation of the department she long directed.


Conn. should again reject suicide bill

Group keeps trying to get physician-assisted suicide law passed in Connecticut.

Nuclear-armed Iran only delayed by deal

Historic capitulation may be in the works as bad deal with Iran emerges.

Striving forward beats patriotic pat on back

Loving this country enough to demand greatness is better than empty rhetoric about love of country.