The Senate needs a compromise island

Heard the one about a Democrat and Republican dropped on a deserted island?

An upset in the making?

This Republican knows her stuff and many voters are ready to 'throw the bums out' Nov. 4.

Too much of politics killing U.S. democracy

We have plenty politics, that's for sure, and it is turning most people off.

Sudden plenty replaces domestic energy fears

Domestic productions means regulation concerns replacing past fears of energy shortages.

A perilous, not-so-easy fix for the economy

Efficient investment in infrastructure could get the economy humming, but efficiency is not very likely.

The right fiscal policy for America

It is time for America to invest in its future.

Allowing Pell grants to turn lives around

Are we needlessly denying kids a second chance?

It's time for Obama to shake up Cabinet

Presidential shakeup could bring needed energy to his team.

Foley and Malloy duke it out at UConn debate

Gubernatorial candidates get personal during debate.

The real reason winning the Senate matters

Republicans must adopt a strategy for winning the Senate.

Obama and Netanyahu: No time for charm

Relations remain strained between U.S. and Isreael

The rebel challenge on Syrian streets

For pro-U.S. Syrian rebels, the immediate problem isn't defeating the Islamic State. It's coordinating the ragtag brigades of the Free Syrian Army into a coherent force that can fill the vacuum once the extremists are driven out.


McCarty in 38th

38th District voters must choose among three good candidates.

Mary Stone in 23rd

Contest for high profile vacancy should be a good one.

Return Merrill and Lembo to office

Secretary of State and Comptroller have had strong first terms.


An army at dawn in the Middle East

Progress may be slow, but U.S.-backed war plans are gaining steam.

Censorship lives in N.C. and N.Y.C.

North Carolina high school play and New York opera share sting of censorship.

Why so little response to Christian persecution?

U.S. Christians must respond to Islamic State attacks on Mideast believers.