Voting may be serious, but the candidates aren't

Politics have become a joke for younger generation, and with good reason.

Foley is the change our state needs

87th Connecticut governor says Tom Foley should be the 89th.

Vote 'Yes' to change constitution to open more access to voting

Vote 'yes' on state constitutional amendment to give voters more options in casting their ballots.

The Day fails when silencing debate

If the Day really wanted to inform voters it would include all the candidates in debates.

Thinking globally, acting locally works in Norwich

Norwich is doing its part to cut greenhouse gases.

CL&P fixed charge would cut incentive to conserve power

Charging electric customers a big flat rate would remove incentive to conserve.

House candidate Hopkins-Cavanagh: 'Why mince words?'

This candidate for Congress vows not to be silenced by the PC Police.

Summer successes point to a bright future for tourism

By playing its cards rights, southeastern Connecticut can become an even larger tourist destination, while improving the quality of life for residents as well.

Conn. builds solid defense foundation

A banner year for Connecticut industries winning defense contracts should provide a solid economic foundation for the state, and a secure future for the nation, for years to come.

Failing grades for both The Day and the New London Board of Education

While the New London Board of Education did a lousy job in its search for a superintendent, The Day failed in its journalistic duty as well, and continues to do so.

Behind closed doors

While society has made progress, domestic abuse remains a major problem in our country and every individual has an obligation to help.

Rev. Good's record shows his bias

Reverend critical of Israeli policy would have more credibility if he could ever bring himself to also criticize the Palestinians.


In Stonington, Haberek bows out

Haberek wore out his welcome with embarrassing missteps, refusal to abide by FOI rules.

Easier voting, step 1

Remove restrictions on how we vote from the Constitution.

Yes on questions to move New London forward

New London voters face five questions on the election ballot.


'Openly gay' Houston mayor violates the rights of her city's pastors

Order seeking asscess to pastor sermons violates religious and free speech rights.

Long live New London's lively Garde debates

Local debate series mixes politics, passion and entertainment.

Helping rebuild Gaza is suicide by diplomacy

Why on earth is U.S. paying to rebuild Gaza for Hamas?