The reasons why power has long been costly here

Inability to get natural gas to region is driving up power costs.

No talk of more casinos without assessing social costs

Building more casinos not the right path for Connecticut.

Bracing for winter

It will increase electric rates, but investment is well worth it.

The new reality means schools must compete for students

Groton needs to sell its schools to parents who now have a choice.

'I know in my heart that I have been very genuine'

After declaring he would be a one term governor, New London Mayor Finizio is back in the race. He explains why.

Proud of movement to end Israeli occupation

Boycotts have been proven methods to stop unjust behaviors.

Israel boycott will not help peace process

Call for boycott a one-sided mistake.

Hodges Square revival needs citizen input

Hodges Square is a vital gateway for New London and region.

Leave Constitution alone

Amending Constitution would invite voting abuses and potential scandals.


Special treatment unfair, poor policy

The legislature has to be fair as well as compassionate in dealing with Sen. Maynard situation.

Finally, some immigration reform

Republicans are entering a fight that will dim their long-term prospects.

Carter lawsuit absurd, but problematic

Did Terrence Carter receive assurances his selection as superintendent was a lock?


Hewett is set on helping to defeat Finizio

Successful state representatives wants fellow Democrat out of the mayor's chair.

The Obama-Xi deal is a climate pact swindle

China keeps incresing greenhouse gases while U.S. must cut. What a deal!

The moral issues of climate change

We can't leave our grandchildren a tab that can never be paid.