More precious grows life as the years quickly pass

'The most important thing to realize ... is how lucky we are to be here in the first place.'

L+M clinicians must learn to work together

Pressures confronting medical care could widen divisions at L+M Hospital. Cooperation is the better response.

RCDA and Fort Trumbull are ready for development

RCDA wants to continue development efforts at Fort Trumbull, but mayor is making it more difficult.

'Somewhere ... the sun is shining bright'

Even in this coldest of snowy winters, love of baseball warms a UConn classrom.

Sen. Murphy's smart approach to Iranian nuclear negotiations

U.S. must be firm but cannot give Iran an excuse to walk away from talks.

Passero's ideas don't hold up to scrutiny

Union leader says Finizio's idea line up better with needs of working people.

Bad location for a worthy institution

Fort Trumbull is the far better location for National Coast Guard Museum.

Coast Guard museum will benefit region

Coast Guard National Museum would be a boon to New London and regional economy.


Tax plan sends wrong business signal

As the state continues it economic recovery, a boost in business taxes is not the right approach.

Facing heroin scourge

Heroin use has become a major health issue for state and deserves a commensurate response.

City finds hope after Chew tragedy

Out of a terrible tragedy has grown a wonderful event.


Conn. should again reject suicide bill

Group keeps trying to get physician-assisted suicide law passed in Connecticut.

Nuclear-armed Iran only delayed by deal

Historic capitulation may be in the works as bad deal with Iran emerges.

Striving forward beats patriotic pat on back

Loving this country enough to demand greatness is better than empty rhetoric about love of country.