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Opening a Gateway to problems in East Lyme

 July 27, 2014; Updated: 4:59 pm

The quality of life the citizens of East Lyme have come to enjoy over the past 30 years could soon disappear, particularly for those living around Flanders Four Corners. I make that statement based on the potential impacts of the proposed...


Hamas risks the lives of its own people

 July 21, 2014; Updated: 11:29 pm

In the past week and a half, Hamas, the governing body of Gaza and a terrorist group as designated by both the United States government and European Union, has fired more than 1,300 missiles at Israel with the specific intention of murdering...


Premium Content The guns of August echo loudly today

 July 20, 2014; Updated: 1:49 am

A century ago, an assassination opened the floodgates of horrorWorld War I - or the Great War as it was called at the time - began one century ago this month. A cataclysm of unimaginable proportions, it raged across Europe, Africa, and...


Divided we stand: Our disagreements are a source of strength. It's our weakened institutions we should fear.

 July 6, 2014; Updated: 11:01 pm

Far from worrying about and cursing the divided state of today's electorate and its leadership, we should embrace it as a sign of involvement and energy on behalf of ourselves and our nation. Indeed, it has...


Taunton River whale is a call to action

 July 6, 2014; Updated: 10:59 pm

People stare in awe and amazement when they see a whale, and no wonder. These creatures, magnificent in their intelligence and behavior, stand out among the biggest and most beautiful animals on the face of...


Jimmy Carter's service extends well past his presidency

 June 29, 2014; Updated: 1:01 am

Though approaching his 90th year, the greatest American ex-president, Jimmy Carter, shows no sign of slowing down. Recently, he has visited Sweden, where my wife Birgit and I reside for several months each year, bringing a message of...


Chamber program helps develop leaders

 June 29, 2014; Updated: 12:59 am

I never really had any interest in joining the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut's Leadership Program, let alone serving as one of the presidents. But two years ago my boss came into my office and mentioned the program and asked if I was...


Stop making cars to hit deadly speeds

 June 29, 2014; Updated: 5:12 pm

The car split into two, ejecting the driver and front seat passenger. The third occupant remained belted in the backseat. All three were pronounced dead at the scene. I have not seen my cousin Jesse Robinson (the driver) since his childhood and...


Stop blaming teachers for education problems

 June 27, 2014; Updated: 5:25 pm

Unfortunately, The Day editorial board has decided to join the rumblings of those - including the uninformed, highly political, decision of Judge Rolf M. Treu - who insist that teachers and their unions are responsible for the under-performance...


A 'yes' vote for New London schools

 June 26, 2014; Updated: 4:59 pm

The editors of The Day are correct to note that the City Council should proceed with caution in approving a bonding ordinance to satisfy the city's commitment to fund our school district's conversion to an all-magnet regional school district...


Stonington's shameful failure to improve its schools

 June 22, 2014; Updated: 12:34 am

A decade has passed since the renovated and expanded Stonington High School was completed. That is about double the time it took the K-12 School Building Committee to organize itself, prioritize its work and shepherd the high school building...


Let all New London property owners vote

 June 22, 2014; Updated: 12:41 am

The New London administration and City Council remain unresponsive to the needs of business owners. The recent efforts to double the voting districts - in order to make voting more accessible to those without cars - is absurd. New London...


The starter house on Vauxhall Street

 June 15, 2014; Updated: 11:51 pm

A little house on Vauxhall Street in New London was where we learned to be husband and wife


Premium Content Time to learn to fly the flag properly

 June 8, 2014; Updated: 1:58 am

Some may remember I wrote last about flag etiquette after Memorial Day 2013. Well, I decided to conduct the second annual Memorial Day Flag Etiquette survey in New London. I was very surprised to see the same violators as last year and...


VA has it problems, but don't overlook the good

 June 8, 2014; Updated: 1:55 am

I follow the stories concerning the Veterans Affairs scandal with more than casual interest because I am currently and frequently a resident of VA hospitals due to problems associated with the Vietnam War. My views on this tragic subject,...


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