Safety is Millstone Power Station's top priority

Millstone today has no resemblence to troubled era.

Words matter, but only if action follows

All those rallies about deaths while in police custody will mean nothing without follow-up action.

Setting a clear path to reviving middle class

With the right policy decisions, the United States can revive its struggling middle class.

Much proof first flight was in Connecticut

Connecticut right to claim title as home to first flights in aviation history.

NL mayor prepares for property tax fight

Proposed property tax changes could provide relief for New London and other cities.

A fair evaluation of the Obama presidency

You would not know to hear his critics, but President Obama has achieved a lot.

Looking to cut waste? Start by ending Lt. Governor primaries

State taxpayers should not be funding multiple primaries for Lt. Governor nomination.

Current thinking about electricity prices

Production diversity is the key to getting Connecticut's high energy costs under control.

Millstone radiation is not a safety threat

Radiation from Millstone well monitored and of no safety consequence to public.

Citizens can monitor radiation around plant

Evidence from citizen radiation monitors could define level and nature of radiation emitted by Millstone plants.


Reform campaign law for governor's race or drop it

Fix it if possible, but don't hold another election for governor under these rules.

Say it ain't so, Tom

A simple solution to the Deflate-gate controversy: Don't allow NFL teams to supply their own footballs.

Saudi shame

Saudi Arabia's actions are hypocritical.


Emperor Malloy protects realm

Allegations raised by utility regulators were serious.

Google joins the Failure Hall of Fame

Few, apparently, wanted a bunch of glassholes walking around.

Iran's emerging empire should worry everyone

Obama administration appeases Iran as it threatens all of Middle East.