New world leader

Prime Minister Netanyahu, who puts their security and that of the country before social interference, and engineering like someone we know. If only...

Finizio fiscal record nothing to brag about

In response to Mayor Finizio's campaign manager's letter, "To continue progress, stick with Finizio," (March 22), we should recall the city's credit...

'Death with Dignity' is appropriate term

In the best tradition of journalism, The Day is keeping its readers informed about a topic that could directly affect them in very personal ways. A...


Statewide car tax is no type of reform

Moving money from municipalities with largely self-sufficient populations to municipalities with largely dependent populations is just more of the...

God forbid Connecticut loses addicted gamblers to a Massachusetts casino

What a strategy! Maintain the Connecticut economy by keeping troubled gamblers close to home.

Presidential GOP racing form: First Edition

The Democratic field is easy to figure out, it's Clintion. But the Republican side is the ultimate political horse race.