In Connecticut, all marriages are equal

On, “Same-sex marriages don’t produce kids,” (Nov. 16), the author is correct; they don’t “produce” children, because children are not a product.

Delay suggests ethics complaint has merit

My ethics complaint against Councilor Timothy May and a complaint against WPCA Finance Administrator Brian Lynch must have some merits to it.

Democrat licks wounds amidst tea party talk

My thoughts were that if all four left CT and move to the Florida gulf coast, AKA redneck Riviera, they would actually raise the average IQ of both...


Hewett is set on helping to defeat Finizio

Successful state representatives wants fellow Democrat out of the mayor's chair.

The Obama-Xi deal is a climate pact swindle

China keeps incresing greenhouse gases while U.S. must cut. What a deal!

The moral issues of climate change

We can't leave our grandchildren a tab that can never be paid.