Entertaining ourselves as our planet dies

I am looking forward to the administration of Hillary Clinton. Well, not really. It’s just that the GOP is producing terrible...

Seems corruption OK if you have the 'D'

Does the capital ”D” for Democratic that appears after Hillary Clinton’s name provide the good-smelling...

Don't cut carbon without solid proof

I applaud the president for much of his speech to the Coast Guard cadets. Global warming is happening and can present threats to all mankind...


U.S. Mideast standing in tatters under Obama

Following 6 years of Obama’s steady and determined withdrawal from the Middle East, America’s standing in the region has collapsed.

Who are these outlaw bikers?

The Bandidos fancy they run Texas from the seats of their Harleys.

Interagency quarrels mar U.S. Iraq effort

The United States is afflicted with its own internecine quarrels that impede effective action in Iraq