Obama earned Giuliani's assessment

Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s statement, does “President Obama love America?” seems to be a fair question.

Install casino tolls

Instead of burdening the residential and business taxpayers of the State of Connecticut (us) anymore by putting highway toll booths up, why not make...

Goshen, Quaker Hill deserve equal fire help

I received a letter regarding the schedule to remove the full time fire fighters from Quaker Hill and Goshen Fire stations on Mar. 1, 2015.


Nuclear-armed Iran only delayed by deal

Historic capitulation may be in the works as bad deal with Iran emerges.

Striving forward beats patriotic pat on back

Loving this country enough to demand greatness is better than empty rhetoric about love of country.

Malloy protects government class

Poor are great for a few votes, but it is the state workers that Malloy is intent on pleasing.