Talk is Cheap on Beaver Decision

I write to clarify an important element of the story reported in this publication's Dec. 5 feature, "Essex Beavers Will Live Another Day,"...

Obamacare red tape worsening her health

I am on the Husky D Health Insurance through the Obamacare and I been having nothing but problems with getting prescriptions filled.

Costly water line a mistake for Montville

As a well-informed citizen of Montville I am at a loss for why the Town Of Montville WPCA would push so hard to install a water line to the high...


Congress undermines IRS, encourages tax avoidance

Want to make deficit worse and taxes higher? Keep cutting the IRS.

Presidential timber growing in Indiana

National could follow Indiana's lead with tax-cutting, education reform candidate.

TV's torture portrayals drive public acceptance

Torture seldom works, accept on TV.